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Resources & Store

Canning & Preserving

Canning Safely – How to sterilize jars & Processing jars in hot water bath

Testing for Gel Set – How to Test for Gel Set

Pectin Chart – Comparison of Different Pectins


Planting Chart zone2b 3 – Garden Planting Chart (when to plant what in Zone 2B-3)

Approximate Harvest Time for Zone 2b – Harvest Time of Common Vegetables in Zone 2B-3

Understanding Vegetable Seeds – The Difference Between Heirloom, Hybrid, Open-Pollinated, Organic and GMO Seeds

Workshop & Event Resources

Food Security Resources – links to information, tips & tools on Food Security in Canada and Manitoba

Handouts Getting Message Out Healthy Together Now 2012

Calendar of Weird Holidays


Prairie Fruit Cookbook  

The Essential Guide for Picking, Preserving and Preparing Fruit
Make the most of prairie fruit with this complete guide to harvesting, storing, preserving, preparing and sharing prairie fruit. Filled with recipes, practical tips and timeless advice, this guide-book is all you’ll need to make good use of eleven different prairie fruits.

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