Prairie Fruit Book Successfully Launched

What a night!

The launch of the Prairie Fruit Cookbook was fantastic.  Thank you to everyone who came or sent their best wishes my way.  It was everything I could have dreamed of and more!

I felt an odd combination of pride and humility.  I was proud of achieving my goal of writing and launching my first book, and, at the same time,  I was humbled by the love and support of all the people in my life who made it all possible.  Writing a book is not a solo act.  Thank you!

Here’s a collage  highlighting last night’s events.  You’ll see my family, my husband giving a great intro, the signage in the store (it is very cool/odd to see poster sized photos of yourself in a store), the sold-out crowd, signing books, City TV taking footage of my “reading”, and my junior high school home ec teacher (guess!).


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  1. Just saw your cookbook!!! Amazing!!! What are your favorites?
    Have a question: my rhubarb is growing but it is very skinny… What can I do???


    1. Is your rhubarb in a sunny spot? Rhubarb likes the sun. Also, a good does of compost around the plant in the fall or early spring will give it a much needed boost.

  2. Congratulations! The book is outstanding and the recipes are terrific! The first of many more to come I’m sure!

    Cheers Brad

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