The Apple Cookbook

The Apple Cookbook

What’s in the Apple Cookbook?

The apple cookbook has over 60 sweet and savory recipes and preserves for you to try. From classic apple jelly to trendy apple and sausage sheet pan dinner, it’s all here with photos for just about every recipe. Whether it’s apples from your tree, a farmers’ market or grocery store – this book covers all your apple needs.

Juice & Jelly
Sweet Baking & Desserts
Savory Bites

The only question is – what will you try first? Here’s a peek at some of the recipes in the book.

apple pull apart bread
Apple cinnamon pull apart bread.
apple and walnut salad
Apple and walnut salad
mulligatawny soup
Mulligatawny soup. A thick and delicious soup with apples.
Caramel Apple Cheesecake
Gluten free caramel apple cheesecake.
apple fruit leather
Apple fruit leather, one of our family’s favorite snacks.

A Trusted Source

Stop wasting time searching for recipes and taking chances on something that may or may not work.  These recipes are tried and true and cover just about everything you can imagine.

The recipes are written in the same thorough and practical style that you’ve come to know and expect from me.  My style is more “home-cooking” than “fancy chic”.  I like using standard ingredients, easy to follow steps and as few dishes as possible. Even a two page recipe like the caramel apple cheesecake is broken down into easy manageable steps that will make anyone look like a genius in the kitchen. The apple stuffed pork tenderloin is another fancy looking recipe that is really quite simple, but shh – don’t tell your dinner guests!

The Apple Curry Salad for a delicious, filling lunch.

As a Professional Home Economist, I also don’t compromise on food safety. When I share preserving tips, techniques and recipes they’re based on the latest information from the National Centre of Home Food Preservation- the undisputed leader in the latest on home canning.

And of course, I’ll be here if you have any questions along the way. I’m always happy to answer any questions.

Not only that, but there are several live links to additional content on my website or You Tube site. Like I said, your apple needs are covered.

How to Get the Apple Cookbook

The Apple Cookbook is available in E-book format only. Buy it online via a secure site using Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

When you hit the Buy Now button, you’ll see a series of screens that guide you through a secure payment process. You can pay with credit card or PayPal.

You’ll be able to download your book right away via the email/receipt that you’ll get in your inbox. You can save it on any and all your devices and computers. And I’m never far away if there are any issues along the way.

Delivery happens 24/7 – no waiting, no delivery costs, no wasted packaging. If your book doesn’t come to your email within minutes, check your spam folder or email me.  If you have super secure email settings, you may not get the email with the live link. No problem, I’ll get the book to you, just email me

apple sausage sheet pan dinner
The apple sausage sheet pan dinner ready in 30 minutes.

How Does it Compare to the Prairie Fruit Cookbook

The Prairie Fruit Cookbook was my first printed cookbook with over 150 recipes featuring nine different prairie fruits. It had about 15 apple recipes and preserves. The Prairie Fruit Cookbook has sold out and is no longer available.

The Apple Cookbook is an online ebook that has over 60 recipes and preserves dedicated to just apples. It includes updated versions of some of the apple recipes found in the Prairie Fruit Cookbook and so many more. It follows on the heels of the Rhubarb Cookbook launched earlier this year. rhubarb cookbook

The ebook version allows greater flexibility, saves on paper, will never be sold out and most importantly lets you receive updates and additions as they happen. The ebook comes with live links to written and visual content on my website and YouTube channel so you can access for more information, photos and videos for certain recipes. How cool is that?!

While it is not feasible for me to print these cookbooks, you certainly have the ability to print the book. The book prints each page on a full 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet of paper. It’s super easy to read and use. You can print it on your home computer or at a commercial printer.

I’m so excited to offer this apple cookbook and hope you enjoy every recipe. And please, if you have any questions, let me know! Chatting with readers and answering questions is one of my favorite things. Connect with me on social media or send me an email.

Check out the Table of Contents

table of contents pg 1

table of contents 2table of contents 3

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