Guide to Homemade Backcountry Meals

All you need for amazing meals on the go!

Create delicious, nutritious, lightweight meals for the trail.

All the tools and recipes you need to pack for the trail + practical tips from Getty’s years of outdoor adventures.

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What you get

Trail Tested Recipes

Nourishing, field tested recipes perfect for any backcountry adventure.

Step by Step Plan

Consider the necessities – food, water, fuel, pack weight and tasty food!

5 Day Meal Plan

A 5 day trail-ready meal plan including breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Making Meals at Camp

Tips for assembling meals and rehydrating at camp. Eat well on the trail!

How Much to Pack

Know how much food, water and fuel to pack. Pack light & delicious!

Get the must-have Backcountry Meals Guide

Perfect for the beginner or the experienced backpacker and dehydrator.

fanned out pages of backcountry meals guide
A sneak peek at the book.

Create delicious, nourishing and lightweight meals for the trail.

  • Trail tested recipes
  • Step by Step planning tools for food, water and fuel
  • A trail-ready 5 day meal plan
  • Tips for dehydrating and rehydrating food
  • Planning tools to take the guess work out of how much to pack
table of contents backcountry meals
A look at the Table of Contents

This guide is for you if you:

  • love exploring the backcountry
  • love good food
  • want to reduce your food weight
  • like easy to cook, one pot meals that require minimal fuel
  • want a cheaper, tastier alternative to store bought dehydrated meals
  • like having control over the ingredients in your food
  • are looking for new recipes and techniques to try
  • have friends or family who like to go wild

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Recipes for all Levels

Backcountry recipes can be delicious, simple, lightweight and still pack in the nutrition. Recipes include cold soak on-the-trail lunch dishes, in-the-hand snacks and warm and filling camp meals. Whether you want to assemble meals from dry ingredients or learn to dehydrate your favourite meals for the trail, this guide has it all.

All recipes include home prep & camp instructions as well as lots of options and flavour boosters to create a range of trail-ready tasty meals.

Sample Backcountry Guide recipe
veggie egg scramble re-hydrated
Breakfast egg scramble.

Delicious Backcountry Meals await!

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50 Pages of Expert Info & Well-Loved (and Tested) Recipes

No ads, no pop-ups. Just delicious recipes, techniques and planning tools for creating delicious trail meals every time.

Pack Light

Get tasty, nutritious and lightweight recipes from a Professional Home Economist with years of backcountry experience.

breakfast burrito on log stump

Learn to Dehydrate

Learn the ins and outs of dehydrating full meals and individual ingredients for endless variety.

Plan for Anything

Answer crucial questions like “What and how much do I need to pack? How much water and fuel will I actually need?”

Getty on the trail

A Word from Getty

I have been camping all my life. Being outdoors and enjoying good food are two of my favourite activities When I’m not hiking, paddling or camping, I work as a Professional Home Economist with training in food and nutrition. I test recipes, teach and write about preserving and enjoying seasonal food. In this book, I get to share my passion and enthusiasm for both! I’m thrilled to share my experience and knowledge with you!