Prairie Fruit Book


Prairie Fruit Cookbook: The Essential Guide for Picking, Preserving and Preparing Fruit

Voted Manitoba’s # 1 Cookbook for 2012 on CBC’s Cross Country Cookbook Shelf 

Ranked Manitoba’s #4 best non-fiction book in 2012 by McNally Robinson Booksellers

The first edition of the Prairie Fruit Cookbook is sold out! How exciting! Sounds like prairie fruit has a fan club.

The Prairie Fruit Cookbook was my first recipe book – a labor of love and a tremendous learning opportunity. It’s a good book with valuable information and I know many people refer to it every fruit season.

I will not be printing more of these hardcopy Prairie Fruit Cookbooks. The cost of printing, housing and distributing a paper version is simply too costly.

Instead, I now offer e-books with even MORE preserves, recipes and preserves than the Prairie Fruit Cookbook.

More cookbooks you’ll love by Getty, to fuel your prairie fruit love

Prairie Fruit Cookbook:
The Essential Guide for Picking,
Preserving and Preparing Fruit

Make the most of prairie fruit with this complete guide to harvesting, storing, preserving, preparing and sharing prairie fruit. Filled with recipes, practical tips and timeless advice, this guide-book is all you’ll need to make good use of eleven different prairie fruits including:

  • Apples and Crab Apples
  • Grapes
  • Pears
  • Plums and Apricots
  • Prairie Cherries (Chokecherries, Nanking, Evans, and Romance Series Cherries)
  • Raspberries
  • Rhubarb
  • Saskatoons
  • Strawberries

Author, Getty Stewart, has filled this easy-to-read book with more than 150 tested recipes, preserving techniques, harvesting and storing information. Getty loves fruit – growing it, picking it, preserving it and, of course, eating it!  In 2010, she founded Fruit Share – a local organization that harvests and shares surplus fruit. The movement demonstrated that there is a renewed interest in local, home grown fruit, but that few people know what to do with it. Pairing her skills as a Professional Home Economist with her long time passion for fruit, she wrote Prairie Fruit Cookbook to serve as an easy to understand guide for anyone interested in making use of and enjoying local fruit.

Response to the Prairie Fruit Cookbook

The Prairie Fruit Cookbook was ranked McNally Robinson’s Manitoba’s #4 Best non-fiction book in 2012.

The book was voted Manitoba’s top Cookbooks in the CBC Books Cross Country Cookbook Shelf Contest.

It seems that people appreciate the variety, the focus on local fruit, the easy down-home recipes, the wealth of information on prairie fruit and the way the book draws you in and gives you the confidence to try something new.

Amy Jo Ehman wrote about the book in an article in the Western Producer:

Western Producer PDF – Cookbooks

Chris from Drumheller says:

“Got your book last week, what a beautiful piece of art ! And full of good info too. I love it ! When I have my own outlet or booth at the farmers’ market, I will be proud to carry it. Might not be for a year or two, but it’s not like the info in there will get obsolete anytime soon. In the meantime, I’ll take it to our next community gardens meeting and recommend it to my friends and fellow gardeners.”

Here’s a what Norah from AAgaard Farms from Brandon Manitoba has to say:

“I’m in love, love, love with Getty Stewart’s new book ‘Prairie Fruit Cookbook’!   First, I love supporting things that are local and, second, gardening/cooking books that are specific to our tough climate are a boon.”

For Norah’s full review click here Aagaard Farms review on Prairie Fruit Cookbook.

Sharing Our Surplus

The Prairie Fruit Cookbook was inspired by the passion and enthusiasm for prairie fruit shown by the volunteers and homeowners of Fruit Share – a local organization that harvests and shares surplus fruit.  Their desire to rescue unused fruit and to learn more about it inspired this book.  In honor of that spirit of sharing, a portion of the profits made by the sale of this book has been donated to Fruit Share.