butternut squash cut in half


Welcome to the enchanting world of winter squash!

Let’s celebrate these hardy vegetables – a delicious kaleidoscope of flavours and textures.

From the sweet butternut squash to the earthy acorn squash, the unique texture of spaghetti squash and the smooth delicata, the delightful range of winter squash is yours to explore and savour.

This book shows you how to select, store and serve these treasures along with a collection of 23 savoury and 11 sweet recipes to tantalize your taste buds and spark your culinary creativity.

What you get

variety of winter squash

ID different squash

Whether you buy or harvest your squash, here’s what to look for to get the best flavour and the most long-lasting squash.

one of three ways to cut squash

How to Cut Squash

The tough bumpy rind and odd shape of squash make it difficult to cut. Learn 3 easy ways to get into your squash!

roast butternut squash with onions

How to Cook & Roast

Whether on the stove, in the oven, microwave or InstaPot – discover different ways to cook your winter squash.

slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top

Sweet Recipes

Starting with a perfect spice blend and purée, enjoy making sweet treats include pies, muffins, scones, pudding & loaves.

Butternut squash and feta and pomegranates on greens on plate blue background

Savoury Recipes

Deliciously sliced, cubed, roasted, or stuffed. Try all 23 recipes including salads, soups, sides, snacks, and suppers.

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Getty shows you an acorn squash cut in half.

Squeamish about squash? You won’t be anymore

Squash. Table of Contents

This guide is for you if you…

  • want to know what to do with squash
  • grow squash and want to store and preserve it for the year
  • need new recipes and flavour inspiration for using squash
  • love cooking from scratch with fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • want to feel confident using winter squash

Get practical tips on…

  • how to identify different varieties of winter squash
  • how to substitute squash in different recipes
  • how to select the most flavourful & fresh squash
  • storing and preserving squash
  • how to cut these big awkward fellas
  • how to solve all your squash FAQs

Bonus: hands-on video tutorial links included.

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