What’s in the

Rhubarb Cookbook?

The rhubarb cookbook covers it all.

How to harvest, freeze, can, dehydrate, cook, bake, juice and jam rhubarb.  Over 50 sweet and savory, traditional and trendy recipes and preserves.

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What you’ll learn

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Harvesting Tips

When and how to harvest rhubarb. Cut or pull? Remove seed head or let it grow? Until end of June or all summer?

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Preserving Ideas

How to enjoy rhubarb year round with practical tips and techniques for freezing or dehydrating rhubarb.

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Jams & Juice

A variety of ways to turn rhubarb into tasty jams, juices, marmalades and preserves with full and low sugar ideas.

Bright red strawberry sits on top of strawberry rhubarb crisp. Rhubarb and strawberries surround.

Sweet Recipes

Endless traditional and trendy sweet treats including muffins, cakes, pies, sauces, ice cream, crisps, cobblers, etc.

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Savoury Recipes

Use rhubarb in unexpected savoury dishes like salad dressing, BBQ sauce, pulled pork, focaccia & more.

The Rhubarb Cookbook

Sweet and Savory Recipes and Preserves

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Get the Rhubarb Cookbook if…

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Rhubarb poppy seed dressing developed for Manitoba Canola Growers. Pretty and delicious!

1. You love rhubarb!

Consider this book your complete rhubarb reference guide for growing, harvesting, storing, preserving, baking, juicing, jamming and cooking it.

2. You make the same rhubarb recipes every year.

Rhubarb is good for so much more than crisps, pies, muffins and stewed rhubarb. Try something new!

3. You’re tired of endless google searches.

Stop searching and get expert tested recipes from a source you can trust. Buy the book and get cooking.

4. You want reliable information.

I have been into rhubarb since the ’80s! And as a Professional Home Economist, I take food seriously. All my recipes are well tested and follow the highest standards.

5. You want to read recipes without ads.

No interruptions, no pop-ups, just the recipe you want, when you want it. Just like the good old days!

6. You need a cool gift for someone who loves rhubarb.

Share the love! What a lovely surprise for your pal to find in their inbox on a special day.

Ready to get into your rhubarb patch?

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Expert help, anytime.

I’m so excited to share this cookbook, I know you’ll love it!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Chatting with readers and answering questions is one of my favorite things. Connect with me on social media or send me an email.

See what other home cooks say:

Year Round Rhubarb

You likely won’t be able to make all the recipes in one season!

No problem!

I share helpful tips for preserving rhubarb so you can enjoy that wonderful rhubarb flavour year round.

Rhubarb fruit roll ups, the perfect go-anywhere snack.

Your Trusted Source

You’ll enjoy getting your fibre with these tasty rhubarb honey bran muffins.

Stop wasting time searching for recipes and taking chances on something that may or may not work. The Rhubarb Cookbook is filled with well tested recipes and cover just about everything you can imagine.

Recipes are written in the same thorough and practical style that you’ve come to know and expect from me.  My style is more “home-cooking” than “fancy chic”. I like to use standard ingredients and keep things relatively easy. Even recipes like the Rhubarb Cinnamon Buns, that take a little longer, are broken down into easy, manageable steps.

And of course, I’ll be here if you have any questions along the way. Not only that, but where relevant, the Rhubarb Cookbook has live links to additional content on my website and YouTube site. Your rhubarb needs are covered!

A quick peek inside…
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Want another peek?

Check out this clip with a few recipes and rhubarb facts from CTV Morning Live. 

The Rhubarb Cookbook

Sweet and Savory Recipes and Preserves

Get it right now! Click to buy it and it’ll land in your inbox right away. Your digital cookbook purchase entitles you to 3 downloads. Print the whole booklet or just your favourite recipes. $15

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