The Ultimate Meal Plan Pack

24 weeks, 160+ recipes, 50+ pages

Take the guesswork & decision making out of dinner!

This ebook contains 24 weeks of complete dinner ideas for you and your family to enjoy.

There are over 160 recipes to try! Each weekly plan starts with what’s in season and uses those ingredients and any leftovers throughout the week to help you make the most of your food.

Only looking for one season of inspiration?

Grab the single-season pack you prefer for $5 each.

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What you get

Seasonal Foods

These days it’s often easy to get any produce you want – any time of the year. But, if you prefer fresh, tasty & affordable produce, I’ll help you choose what’s most in season.

42 Meals per Season

Decisions made! There are 6 weeks of dinner recipes for each season. You can mix and match recipes, rearrange them and add in your family favorites as you please.

Storage Info & Tips

Get the most of the produce you buy! This storage chart. will help you keep your produce at it’s freshest for as long as possible. Bonus freeze & preserve tips and more delicious recipes.

DIY Meal Plan Help

Feeling inspired? Want to create your own meal plans? I’ve included a planning template & top tips to help you figure out what’s for dinner, no matter how busy life gets.

160+ Yummy Recipes

Links in Ultimate Meal Plan Pack take you directly to each recipe. Recipes include all food groups, typically serve 4 and use common pantry items & seasonal produce.

Expert help, anytime.

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Her fun, practical, everyday approach makes her recipes easy to understand and use. She is a frequent TV and radio guest sharing her tips and recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. And best of all, she’s always available for questions.