-What’s in Season in November?

What’s in season?


Fruits & Vegetables

Rootin’ tootin’ veggies are all the rage this season!

Yup, there are some high fibre veggies up for grab this month. That’s a blessing, my friends because we can all benefit from more fibre for our health. Just take lots of walks for those toots!😘

These fall veggies come loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are vital for good health. Just look at their rich colours! A feast for the eyes and the tummy.

I’m diving into November with a goal to eat everything on the list at least once. Between the meal plan and list of favourite recipes, it can be done!

Are you up for the November challenge?!

  • Find the freshest tasting produce
  • Get the most affordable produce
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Get instant variety by eating seasonally

Use this list for meal planning and making grocery lists.

Supplement this list with frozen and canned fruits and veggies to keep costs down. Of course, you can add whatever fresh produce you’d like. I often add other fresh produce that comes from as close to home as possible. For example there are more local greenhouses that sustainably grow tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, fresh herbs, lettuce and micro-greens. And, on special occasions, I also reach for exotic fruits and veggies from around the world. What a treat!

Helpful Tips

How to Store November Fruits & Vegetables

  • Whole pomegranates will last for up to 2 months in the fridge – keep them dry and unwrapped. Once you remove the arils, keep them in an airtight container for 5 days in the fridge, or freeze them.
  • Mushrooms are a year-round favourite. Keep them at their best by preventing moisture build up. Your best bet is to keep them in a paper bag – not in plastic.
  • Want to save time and tears?! Chop and freeze a whole bunch of onions at once and freeze them in thin layers in airtight freezer bags. Break off a chunk whenever you need them – no need to chop onions every day!
  • Garlic sprouting? The ideal conditions for garlic is a cool, dark, dry place with good air circulation – try hanging whole bulbs in a mesh bag in the coolest part of your pantry.
  • When buying leafy greens in a plastic bag or clam shell, look for ones that have the least condensation built up inside. When you get them home, add a piece of paper towel to help control moisture in the bag.
  • Ethylene is a natural gas produced by fruits and veggies as they ripen, it’s harmless – but it does speed ripening. That’s why it’s best to store high ethylene producers like apples, bananas, avocados, pears and potatoes separated from other produce.

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