The Three Best Cookie Mixes in a Jar

Cookie mixes in a jar make the best gifts! They’re quick and easy to make and the gift receiver will have nothing but warm cozy feelings about you when they enjoy their delicious, fresh, home-baked cookies.

cookie mix in festive jar
Don’t be fooled by the festive decor – cookie mixes make great gifts any time of the year. Think hostess or teacher gifts. They’re also great if you’re visiting someone at the cottage.

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Our Favourite Cookie Mixes in a Jar

Here are three of our favourite mixes.

Chocolate Gingerbread Mix

I prefer gingerbread cookies that aren’t too heavy on the molasses or ginger, that’s why I love this chocolate gingerbread cookie mix. The deep chocolate colour is a nice addition to any plate of cookies. This is our go to recipe when we’re making gingerbread to eat at home. We also use it for decorations or to give as a mix in jars.

Chocolate Cranberry Oat Cookie Mix

Perfect for anytime of year. Get all the details in this post Cranberry Chocolate Oat Cookie Mix.

The perfect gift if your invited to someone’s cottage or are getting away to a nice Air B n B for the weekend. How awesome to have fresh baked cookies while you’re away!

Jar of cranberry oat cookie mix with gift tag and instructions. Prepared cookies shown in front.
This Cranberry Chocolate Oat Cookie Mix is perfect for any occasion, any time of year.

Chocolate M & M Cookie Mix

Green and red M & Ms and white chocolate chips look very festive in these chocolate cookies. For nice chewy cookies, bake them just until the outside of the cookies are nice and firm and starting to crisp up while the center is still a little soft. They’ll be tender, so let them cool on the baking sheet.

Pro Tip: When forming the cookies, avoid squishing them too flat or they’ll spread out. Make a ball and press just a little.

Jar of cookie mix with gift/instruction tags and ribbon. Prepared cookies and m&ms arranged on the side.
One of the all time favourites – Chocolate M & M Cookies

Helpful Tips for Cookie Mixes in a Jar

  • Wide mouth jars are most convenient for filling and pressing down ingredients.
  • Use a funnel to add ingredients or place ingredients on parchment paper and use it to transfer ingredients to the jar.
  • Press down on each layer of ingredients.
  • If making several jars, mix flour & ingredients one batch at a time rather than simply dividing among jars to ensure proper proportions.
  • Set up an assembly line for filling to see the different layers you’ll create.
  • Seal jars tightly to prevent air in the jar which can dry out the sugar.
  • Cookie mixes will be safe for 1-3 years, but for best quality use within 3-6 months so sugar doesn’t harden.
  • Often when baking cookies like these you would cream the butter with the sugar and add any extras like cranberries, chocolate chips or M & Ms at the very end. When you mix the batter from a mix in a jar, you just dump everything in to the wet ingredients at once (unless otherwise stated). That means it’ll need a little more stirring to get everything to come together. Just keep beating until it’s all combined, you’ll have a stiff dough, but it works!

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Labels for Cookie Mixes in a Jar

I have printable labels ready to go for the three cookies listed above. For other ideas and blank Christmas tag labels check out my Free Resources section.

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