How to Make Guacamole for Any Occasion

We love guacamole for lunch, dinner or snacks. It’s also the ideal dish to bring to a potluck or party.  Pair it with some crispy, homemade baked pita chips and a platter of veggies and you’re good to go.

Fresh and easy guacamole

Guacamole is a traditional Mexican dish made with avocado.  It has quickly become a popular dish throughout all of North America – maybe even the world.  And with good reason – it’s delicious and nutritious!

You’ve probably heard avocados are high in fat, right?  While that’s true, you probably also know that’s it’s the type of fat we want and need in our diet.  Not to mention the fact that we shouldn’t get hung up on fat content alone; we’ve got to consider the bigger picture.  And with avocados the big picture is pretty impressive.  Best Health magazine is one of many resources that explains why we should add avocados to our meal plans.

How to halve an avocado

Best Avocados for Guacamole

The key to good guacamole are ripe avocados.  It’s a good idea to plan ahead, because often, avocados in stores are under-ripe.   To test for ripeness, gently press the outside of the avocado.  If it is hard, it is not ripe.  If there is some softness or “give” it is just right.  If it is very soft or your finger leaves an indent, it’s overripe – never buy them if they’re this soft!  If they are under-ripe, let them sit on a counter for a couple of days.  To ripen them a day faster, place them in a paper bag with bananas or apples.

It’s also important not to over squish the avocados when making guacamole.  A few lumps and bumps go nicely with the bits of tomatoes, onions and cilantro that also go into the best guacamole.

Scooping out the avocado

Here’s a straightforward guacamole recipe that you can double or triple depending on your needs.  But remember, guacamole will oxidize and turn brown when exposed to air, so don’t make it too far in advance.  To store, keep it in the fridge covered with plastic wrap.  Make sure the plastic wrap touches the entire surface of the guacamole.  The key is to prevent any air from touching the guac anywhere.

How to make and store guacamole

Notice the difference in texture between the photo above and below?  I made a smooth batch, by mixing the chunky guac with an immersion blender.  I needed a smooth guacamole to create a football field for a TV segment I just did on Super Bowl party snack ideas.  Stay tuned for a future post!

The recipe below is for a guacamole that looks like this.
Fresh tasty easy guacamole with homemade baked pita chips

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Easy Guacamole for Every Occasion

A great dip for an evening at home or a take along to a party. Skip the store bought stuff - it's so easy to make and tastes amazing. Serve with homemade baked pita crisps.
Prep : 10 mins
Total Time: 10 mins


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 1 small tomato seeded and diced
  • 1 tbsp finely diced red onion
  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • 1 tbsp fresh cilantro chopped
  • 1/2 to 1 tsp hot pepper flakes
  • salt & pepper to taste


  • Halve and deseed the avocado by slicing down the center lengthwise around the seed, starting at the narrower end. Hold the avocado in your hand and using your other hand, twist and rotate the two halves apart. Use a spoon to scoop out the seed, or use a butcher knife to "grab" the seed by inserting the blade into the seed and twisting it out.
  • Scoop the flesh of the avocado into a bowl.
  • Use a fork to squish the avocado into small, creamy pieces.
  • Pour lime juice over avocado.
  • Mix in tomato, red onion, garlic, cilantro and hot pepper flakes.
  • Taste and adjust seasoning with more hot pepper flakes, salt and pepper.
  • Serve.
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More Ways to Enjoy Avocado

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