Layered Orange Mousse Parfaits

Check out these layered orange mousse parfaits!orange gelatin and mousse parfait getty

We made them by combining our homemade orange gelatin recipe (the bright orange bottom layer) with a recipe for Orange Mousse from Dairy Goodness (the cream colored layer on top). A dollop of freshly whipped cream decorated with orange segments and orange zest finished them off.fresh orange parfaits getty

We started by juicing a number of oranges – for both recipes combined you need just under 3 cups of juice, that’s about 7 to 8 freshly squeezed oranges. Once we had that prepped, we made the orange gelatin recipe and then the orange mousse recipe. Before either of the recipes had a chance to set we poured them into our parfait glasses (wine, martini or water glasses would work too). We started by pouring the orange gelatin into the bottom half of 8 parfait glasses.  Even before the gelatin set, we gently spooned the mousse mixture over top of the gelatin. We were pleased to find that the mousse was quite content to remain floating on top of the gelatin.

The next step is to let the parfaits set.  While 4 hours should do the trick, we let them set overnight in the fridge.  In our house letting anything this delicious sit in the fridge requires a warning sign!

do not eat

Once you’re ready to serve these parfaits garnish them with fresh whipped cream, orange slices and orange zest.  Alternatively grated chocolate or mint leaves would look nice too.

orange parfaits getty

We hope you enjoy these parfaits as much as we did.

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