How to Microwave Corn on the Cob

Do you ever microwave corn on the cob? With a family that has a huge appetite for corn on the cob, I usually boil a big pot or grill corn on the cob on the BBQ. But for those of you who are cooking for one or two or are just looking for a speedy way to make corn, using the microwave for corn on the cob is ideal.

corn on cob in microwave

You loose nothing on flavor and save quite a bit of time compared to boiling or grilling corn. Leave the husk on and go for it!

It’s hard to give precise cooking times for microwave cooking since each microwave varies in size, age and power. And, since microwaves work particularly well in heating water, sugar and fats – every food and every cob of corn will cook slightly differently. In other words, use the following times as a guideline and check your corn to determine when it is cooked the way you like it. If you like it crisp and juicy, cook for the shortest time possible, basically just heating it throughout. If you like your corn softer and drier, cook it longer.

How to Microwave Corn on the Cob

  1. Trim back silk and any loose leaves.
  2. Place cobs with husk on, in a single layer in the microwave. If you have more cobs than will fit your microwave, do several batches to avoid overcrowding. To prevent the first batch from getting cold, just keep it in the husk, it’ll stay quite hot until you husk the corn.corn on the cob in microwave
  3. Microwave on high power for 3 to 5 minutes – the more cobs you have, the longer the time.
  4. Check the cobs by peeling back the husk – but be careful they may be quite hot.  Look for uniform color and doneness. In the photo below, the kernels toward the top are still pale and under-cooked compared to those lower on the cob.

not quite finished corn on cob in microwave

A minute later and those kernels are a uniform color all the way through. Notice the moisture from the steam on the inside of the husk – that corn is hot and steamy!

corn on cob from microwave done

5. Allow the corn to rest for a moment as they will be very hot. In fact, wait to husk them until you’re ready to serve. They’ll hold their heat and be perfect for melting butter.

microwaved corn on the cob

There you have it. Lovely, quick corn on the cob done in the microwave.


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