How to Peel Ginger Easily

After peeling all that ginger for my post on How to Freeze Ginger, I wanted to share with you what I learned about peeling ginger.

peeling ginger with a spoon

What I learned about peeling ginger.

1. Not everyone peels their ginger, especially frozen ginger.  I give these people extra bonus points for getting all the nutrients out of their food. Not only do they get extra nutrients, they’re also getting a workout when scrubbing their food really well before eating it.

2. Peeling frozen ginger is easier than peeling raw ginger.  I don’t really know why, it just is.  If you have a technical explanation – please let us know!

3. Peeling ginger with the side of a spoon is easier and better than using a paring knife.  You have to try this to believe it.  Just do as shown in the picture below and the skin comes off quite easily, even around the gnarly bits that some people might be tempted to cut off if they were using a paring knife (and yes, by some people I mean me!).  Not only are you wasting less ginger, but you also retain more of the essential oils that are close to the skin’s surface by using a spoon or other blunt object.

IMG_3146All this ginger in the house has led me to more experimenting.  On our counter right now is a bottle of homemade ginger ale.  The first taste test is tomorrow, I wonder what it’ll taste like.


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