-What’s in Season in May?

What’s in season?

May Fruits & Vegetables

Spring has sprung! The chives are leading the way and will be followed closely by all the other greens bursting onto the scene.

This is the time of year when we experience a major shift in the food we eat. We move from the high starch foods of winter to the more energizing and refreshing foods of spring and summer. It starts with fresh greens – lettuce, herbs, asparagus, spinach, nettle and moves to sweeter, more colourful fruits.

If you’re coming out of winter mode, like us here on the prairies, this is also your opportunity to truly enjoy local produce. Whenever you can make a point of reaching for locally grown produce. The flavour will be second to none and you’ll help ensure a robust, local food network which we’ve learned is vitally important. Watch for a farmer’s market near you!

Here’s my latest collection of favourite recipes and tips for selecting, storing and enjoying this month’s featured produce.

  • Find the freshest tasting produce
  • Get the most affordable produce
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Get instant variety by eating seasonally

Use this list for meal planning and making grocery lists.

Supplement this list with frozen and canned fruits and veggies to keep costs down. Of course, you can add whatever fresh produce you’d like. I often add other fresh produce that comes from as close to home as possible. For example there are more local greenhouses that sustainably grow tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, fresh herbs, lettuce and micro-greens. And, on special occasions, I also reach for exotic fruits and veggies from around the world. What a treat!

Helpful Tips

How to Store May Fruits & Vegetables

  • Where to store an avocado depends on how ripe it is. Leave hard, unripe avocados at room temperature for 3-4 days until skin is dark and gives slightly to pressure, then move to fridge. Unripe avocados in the fridge may cause poor texture and taste.
  • If your stored produce is slimy, wet, moldy or “oogie” it is suffering from too much moisture, wash and pat it dry – really dry, then place it in a container with a dry cloth and leave the container slightly open.
  • Store rhubarb just like you would celery stalks. Both are at risk of wilting or going limp. Wrap in damp towel and place in an open bag to allow air circulation.
  • If your stored produce is wrinkled, shriveled or limp it is suffering from lack of moisture, try wrapping in a damp cloth or adding a damp cloth to the storage container.
  • Dressed leaf salads get soggy and flat very quickly. Keep salads looking lively and save leftovers by serving salad dressings on the side.
  • Re-crisp romaine and other types of lettuce by placing in an ice water bath for 15 to 20 minutes before using.

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