When Are Fruits and Vegetables in Season on the Prairies – Planning your Preserving

Here’s a look at Fruits and Vegetables in Season on the Prairies.

If you love prairie fruits and veggies as much as I do, you won’t want to miss when they’re at their best.

Of course, Mother Nature is in charge, so the exact schedule may be off by a few weeks. But these charts should give you an overall idea for planning trips to your favorite U-pick, riverbank (if you’re a forager) or farmer’s market.

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When Are Fruits in Season on the Prairies?

chart of fruits in season

Did you notice I snuck in Ontario peaches and sweet cherries from BC and Ontario? Obviously not prairie fruit, but they’re a big deal for those of us who love preserving the freshest, closest fruit we can find, so they made the chart!

When Are Vegetables in Season on the Prairies

chart of vegetables in season

What to Do With These Charts

Last year, I missed blueberry season; I did not freeze, jam or dry a single Manitoba blueberry. So sad, right?! The only saving grace was that I did get to enjoy a few handfuls on hikes. To make sure disasters like this don’t happen again, I’m making a preserving plan. It’ll help me figure out my summer schedule so I don’t miss out on my favorites.

preserving plan

Next year I can use this when I’m planning my garden so I can be super organized! I can plan what type of pickling cucumbers to grow, how many plants I’ll need, how many days to mature and then I can roughly calculate what week they may be ready for pickling. Well, as long as Mother Nature plays along!

Anyway, I hope you find the information useful and that you get to enjoy all our amazing prairie fruits and veggies at their peak this year.

Please share your photos of your local produce with me. Whether it’s from your garden, the grocery store, a farmer’s market or a U-pick, I want to see you enjoying your favorites. Take a photo and tag me on Instagram @getgettys so we can celebrate our prairie fruits and veggies together.

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