How to Recover from Over-whipped Whipped Cream

Oops, did you end up with over-whipped whipped cream?  No problem, here’s a solution to over-whipped whipped cream.

Yikes, my whipped cream is getting grainy!
Yikes, my whipped cream is getting grainy!

You decided to make some fresh whipped cream.  Yum!  But unfortunately it went from smooth and creamy to broken and grainy in a matter of seconds.

The second you realize you’ve gone too far – STOP!  Put down the beater, breathe and relax.  All is not lost, there is a way to save over-whipped cream and have it looking smooth and creamy once again.

To rescue over-whipped whipped cream, add a few tablespoons of fresh cream to the grainy whipped cream.  Gently beat it into the existing mixture.  In fact, to be safe, blend in the added cream by hand using a wire whisk.  All it takes is a few turns of the whisk.

add fresh cream to save over-whipped cream
Add one to two tablespoons for fresh cream
Gently whisk in fresh cream to save over-whipped cream
Whisk in fresh cream by hand to avoid over whipping again.
smooth stiff peaks
Only a few seconds of whisking and cream is smooth again.
smooth whipped cream
Silky smooth whipped cream ready to go.

This technique will work as long as your over-beaten cream hasn’t started separating and forming small lumps of butter. If your cream has started to separated, then you might as well continue to beat and show off your butter making skills!

Over-whipped cream starting to separate
If lumps of butter have formed already, it can’t be returned to smooth cream. Might as well have fun making butter!

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