Strawberry Banana Kabobs

What is it about food on sticks that makes it so much more enjoyable to eat?  Tell me you don’t enjoy chicken skewers or grilled veggie shiskabobs?

It’s no different with fruit.  Put out a bowl of grapes and they’ll eventually get eaten – put out grape kabobs and they’ll be devoured in minutes.  I’m telling you, there’s magic in those skewers!

Fruit on a stick is an excellent idea for parties, potlucks or any event where tasty finger foods are required.  And hey, this could make you the hero that brings something fun and healthy!

If you’re the creative type and have a little time, use cookie cutters to cut fancy shapes out of melons.

fruit kabobs

Or if time is limited and budget is a concern, skewer fruit pieces onto a toothpick.

strawberry banana kabobs

Both will get gobbled up in no time – cause nobody can resist fruit on sticks!

Did I mention – I Love Fruit?!

Getty Stewart is an engaging speaker and writer providing tasty recipes, time-saving tips, and helpful kitchen ideas to make home cooking easy and enjoyable. She is a Professional Home Economist, author of Manitoba’s best-selling Prairie Fruit Cookbook, Founder of Fruit Share, mom and veggie gardener.


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