What To Do if Your Fruit Leather is TOO Dry

Yikes, somehow you went from applesauce to crunchy, crispy fruit chips, when what you really wanted were fruit roll-ups!  Now what?!

fruit leather

No problem, it’s simply a matter of finding the right balance between too moist and too dry.  If it’s too moist, you remove more moisture.  If it’s too dry, you add moisture. But, you don’t want to apply direct moisture – that’ll just create wet spots in otherwise dried fruit leather. We call that a recipe for disaster (ie mold).  What you want to do is to allow the fruit leather to gradually soak up moisture, just like it gradually lost moisture as you were drying it.

Here’s my latest You Tube video showing you how to evenly, rehydrate your brittle fruit leather.

 [youtube width=300 height=200]gwMJx7TvvWU[/youtube]

But remember, all the rules about ensuring the correct dryness still apply.  If you rehydrate it to the point where it is sticky – you run the risk of spoilage. Ideal dryness conditions are on my previous post on How to Check Dryness of Fruit Leather.

After you’ve dried making fruit leather a couple of times, you’ll soon get a feel for timing and dryness. Try all sorts of combinations. You can even try adding nuts or seeds or bits of fruit in your leather. Go crazy!

fruit leather

Hope you found this video and tips useful.

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