How to Make Heart Apples

Here’s a healthy way to sneak a little love message into that special someone’s lunch bag!  I’ve seen similar images on various places and wanted to try doing it too – thank you to whoever came up with the initial idea!  Here’s my hearts switcheroo

Apple Heart Switcheroo

Apple Hearts

I used the little heart shaped cut out that came from my linzer cookie cutter set.  The cookie cutter needs to be fairly sharp to cleanly pierce the skin of the apple. Try not to wiggle around to keep the edges as clean cut as possible.

heart cutter green apple

Use the tip of a sharp knife to cut out the little heart, being careful not to scar it.

removing cut heart from apple

Repeat the process on other apple.  Dip little hearts in lemon juice to prevent browning.

Apple hearts in lemon juice

Test the hearts in their new homes.  You’ll likely need to whittle away some of the apple to ensure a good fit.

fine tuning the apple heart

Insert hearts and you’re all set!

Apple hearts

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