Top 12 Chive Recipes to Try this Spring

If you have chives, here are 12 13 chive recipes for you to try. Chives are one of my all time favourite herbs. I love being able to dash outside and snip a bunch to add to a recipe or simply to use as a garnish on top of a finished dish.

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What do Chives Taste Like

Chives are tender green shoots with a very mild onion flavour. They’re milder than green onions and are a great subsitute if you don’t have green onions.

chives on plate in front of plant
Tender, round hollow spears with a mild onion flavour, chives are a perfect garnish or addition to savoury recipes.

If you find onions too pungent but don’t mind green onions – you’ll LOVE chives. They add just the right amount of flavour without being too intense.

Favourite Chive Recipes

Use chives as a garnish or as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes. Even if a recipe doesn’t call for them, go ahead and add them if you think a fresh, mild onion flavor would perk up a dish. We love them with salads, salad dressings, eggs, potatoes, pasta, soups, dips and spreads, perogies, roasted veggies, savoury baking and so on. Here’s just a sample of my favourite chive recipes.

Chive Biscuits with Blossoms and Greens

chive biscuits
These flaky biscuits include blossoms and stems.

Chive Blossom Finishing Salt

chive finishing salt
Beautiful and tasty finishing salt on top of focaccia or finishing off a steak, roasted potatoes, asparagus or any veggie.

Cheddar Chive Rolls – Yeast Buns

cheddar chive rolls
Imagine a savoury cinnamon bun with cheese and fresh garden herbs – that’s what you’ll get with these cheddar chive rolls.

Ricotta Herb Spread With Fresh Herbs

ricotta herb spread in dish
This creamy ricotta herb spread is like homemade Boursin. It’s fantastic on crackers.

Herb Butter with Fresh Herbs

herb butter with gnocchi and asparagus in fry pan
On top of potatoes, garlic bread, veggies, gnocchi or even to finish a steak, herb butter is the perfect finishing touch.

Favorite Veggie Dip with Chives, Dill and Parsley

favourite vegetable dip
Dill, chives and parsley make up the trio of herbs in our favourite vegetable dip.

Buttermilk Ranch Dressing on Fresh Salad Greens & Chives

fresh greens with buttermilk ranch
Celebrate spring with tender salad greens and a delicious buttermilk ranch dressing with chives.

Chive Blossom Infused Vinegar

pretty chive vinegar in bottle
As tasty as it is pretty, this chive blossom infused vinegar makes amazing vinaigrettes.

Chive and Lemon Vinaigrette

lemon chive vinaigrette with fresh lettuce greens
A light, zippy dressing perfect for fresh spring lettuce greens.

German Style Cucumber Salad

German cucumber salad in bowl
Dill, chives and parsley are key ingredients in this classic German cucumber salad.

Apple and Walnut Couscous Salad

apple couscous salad in bowl
Chives add a nice mild onion flavour without overpowering other flavours in this salad.

Dillicious Egg Salad

egg salad on pumpernickel
Egg salad with fresh chives. Eggs and chives are always a winning combination.

Sour Cream and Chive Mashed Potatoes – Make Ahead

chive mashed potatoes
Potatoes, sour cream and chives are a match made in heaven – boiled, baked or mashed.

Preserving Chives

My favourite way to preserve chives is to chop and freeze them. The best time to harvest them for freezing is they blossom in the spring. Alternatively, you could freeze them in late fall, after they’ve had a chance to perk up again with cooler weather. I would not recommend harvesting them to freeze in the middle of summer. Chives are their best early in the spring before they flower or late fall, just before the snow flies.

To freeze, simply wash, pat dry and chop to desired size. For ease of use, flash freeze them spread out on a flat surface or in an ice cube tray. Once frozen, transfer them into a container so you can easily take out only what you need. Trust me, freezing them in one big clump is not great!

chopped chives
Chopping a mountain of chives to freeze.

Chives dry nicely, but they lose their flavour very quickly. Unless you’re drying them for a dehydrated dish like these scalloped potatoes, I would not recommend drying them, you’ll be disappointed at the lack of flavour. You’d be much better off drying green onions, which become milder when dried – ie they taste like chives!

dried chives
Chives dry nicely, but they lose their flavour so quickly, it’s not really worth it. Much better to freeze them.

Which will of these chive recipes will you try first?! Let me know if you have a favourite and tell me how many ways you can think of to use chives. Leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram at #getgettys or Facebook @GettyStewart.HomeEconomist.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great tips and recipes! We have a lot of fresh chives in the herb garden, and I didn’t know they can be frozen. So glad the fresh chives won’t go to waste this year!
    Best wishes,
    Margot on Cape Cod

    1. Hi Margot,
      I’m glad you found some new ways to enjoy all your chives and to save some for the winter months. All the best, Getty

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