How to Make A Guacamole Football Field for Super Bowl

Last week I shared my recipe for Easy Guacamole.  Today, we’re using that recipe to make a fun guacamole football field for Super Bowl as I demonstrated on CTV Morning Live.

guacamole stadium with tomato players on ctv

Normally, I like my guacamole with a little texture, but when you’re trying to turn your guacamole into a football field, smooth and creamy is the way to go.  After all, who wants a bumpy football field!

Fresh tasty easy guacamole

Guacamole is not necessarily a low calorie snack, but it’s full of nutrients, antioxidants and healthy fats. Combine that with dipping vessels like veggies and homemade pita chips and you’re providing a healthy snack that will satisfy your guests’ hunger.

How to Make a Guacamole Football Field

The Base

I used the rectangular plastic lid from a plastic spinach container to be the bottom of the field.  I liked that it had a bit of lip that would hold in the guacamole, but not so high that I needed a bucket full of guacamole.  I wrapped the plastic lid with aluminum foil.  If need be, you can build up the sides a little bit by shaping the foil up the sides.

Then I looked for a tray that would hold the aluminum wrapped plastic lid and still allow me to tuck veggies and crackers all around.  My summer time patio serving tray worked perfectly!

The Guacamole

I doubled my Best Ever Guacamole recipe to serve about 6-8 people.  You can double, triple or quadruple the recipe as needed.  To make the guacamole smooth, I used an immersion blender to puree it – you could also use a blender.

How to make and store guacamoleAt this point, think about how and where you will present your football field.  If you have to carry your field to someone else’s house, you may want to decorate the field at their house rather than risk transporting the finished field.

Remember, guacamole will oxidize and turn brown when exposed to air, so plan accordingly.  To store, keep it in the fridge covered with plastic wrap.  Make sure the plastic wrap touches the entire surface of the guacamole.  The key is to prevent any air from touching the guac anywhere.  You could also spread your guacamole on the field and then cover it with wrap.  Another technique I’ve read about, but haven’t tried, is spritzing it with lemon or lime juice.

Building the Field

Pour the smooth guacamole into the lined base.  Use an offset spatula (ideal), rubber spatula or large chef’s knife to smooth out the guacamole into a lovely manicured football field.

To paint the yard lines, use a piping bag or small plastic bag with a tiny cut in one corner filled with sour cream or Greek yogurt. To make the lines relatively evenly spaced, start with the center line.  Then add one or two more lines on each half.   Add short lines between the full lines to make it look like a ruler along each side.

As an extra little detail add the number 50 to the center line on each side of the field.  If you’re really steady with your hand you could also write the team names on each end zone.  I wasn’t brave enough to do that!

gaucamole stadium from tv

The Players

Sliced red and yellow tomatoes make excellent football players!  You can be strategic in your placement and set up specific plays, or you can just toss on a few here and there.

The Dippers

To keep this a healthy, nutritious snack I chose to surround the field with baked pita chips and veggies.

And there you have a tasty, fun and relatively easy guacamole football field.

Football deviled eggs

I’d love to see your creations or your ideas for making awesome football fields.

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