How to Make Rhubarb Juice – Unsweetened Concentrate

Learn how to make rhubarb juice. This unsweetened concentrate is a great substitute for other tart juices.

rhubarb juice and mimosas
Rhubarb juice is great with Prosecco and OJ for mimosas.

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In order to extract juice from rhubarb, you have to cook it down and strain it. The mash doesn’t look pretty, but the juice is a lovely light pink/coral color.

pot of rhubarb cooking

Why Make Unsweetened Rhubarb Juice?

I make this juice to extend the repertoire of dishes that I can make using rhubarb.  After baking several batches of rhubarb muffins, rhubarb pie and rhubarb crisp – I’m ready for something a little different.  This juice makes it easy to create new recipes like Honey Rhubarb Sesame Chicken, Rhubarb Poppyseed Dressing, luscious rhubarb bars (coming soon), cocktails, mocktails and other dishes.

rhubarb poppyseed dressing
This rhubarb poppyseed dressing uses rhubarb juice.

How to Make Rhubarb Concentrate

It’s pretty straight forward:

  • pick 8-10 stalks of rhubarb
  • wash and chop
  • add to large pot and enough water to cover bottom by 1/2 inch
  • cook 10-15 minutes until rhubarb is broken down
  • strain and collect the juice
  • compost the leftover pulp

If you prefer a more precise recipe.

rhubarb juice and mimosas
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Rhubarb Juice

Extend your repertoire of rhubarb recipes by making rhubarb juice. Use it as a substitute for other juices or use it to add an extra zing to your favorite summertime beverages.
Prep : 5 mins
Cook : 15 mins
Total Time: 20 mins


  • 4 cups diced rhubarb fresh or frozen
  • 1 cup water


  • In large saucepan add rhubarb and water.
  • Bring to a boil then simmer for 15 minutes until rhubarb is soft and completely breaks apart.
  • Pour mixture through a fine mesh strainer or sieve.
  • Use the back of a spoon to squeeze out any remaining liquid.
  • Use juice for various recipes, mix with Sprite or Ginger Ale or freeze as ice cubes to perk up your favorite summer beverage.
  • Store in refrigerator for 5 to 7 days or freeze for longer storage.


Use the left over pulp for rhubarb fruit leather, mix it with applesauce for a tasty snack or mix it with a little honey and spread it on toast or waffles, etc.
Want a little more color? Add a handful of strawberries or raspberries or a drop or two of food coloring.
Yield: 1 – 2 cups juice concentrate
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rhubarb concentrate and mimosas
Rhubarb mimosas are a great brunch addition.

How to Make a Rhubarb Mimosa

1 cup chilled rhubarb concentrate
1 cup chilled orange juice
1 (750 ml) bottle chilled dry sparkling wine (Prosecco or Cava)

Fill champagne flute half full with chilled sparkling wine (1/4 cup).
Top with equal parts of rhubarb and orange juice.
Serve cold.

Makes 8-10 champagne flutes

Tip: Use a narrow glass and gently pour the sparkling wine first to keep the bubblies intact.

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