The BEST eBook Bundle

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The BEST eBook Bundle

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  • Squash Book – Squash your fears and fall in love with winter squash!
  • Jams & Jellies – A step by step guide to delicious jams & jellies.
  • Quick Pickles – Get the tangy flavour of pickles without the work of canning.
  • The Herb Book – Grow and use more herbs, in your everyday cooking!
  • The Guide to Backcountry Meals – Eatin’ good in the woods with homemade backcountry meals
  • Apple Book – A delicious collection of sweet and savoury apple recipes
  • Rhubarb Book – A bushel of traditional and trendy rhubarb recipes is headed your way.
  • Soup Stock Recipes – Soups on! Stock from scratch + classic recipes for everyone.

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Happy cooking, all year long!