How to Dry or Dehydrate Onions

Here’s how we dehydrate onions. It’s another option for long term onion storage.  But before you pull out your dehydrator, let me warn you
 – DO NOT dehydrate onions in your house! The smell of dehydrating onions is pretty intense and will penetrate into just about everything.  I put the dehydrator in the garage for this process and within 2 hours my neighbour called me with a sudden hankering for onions!

dried onions

Here’s a short video showing you just how easy dehydrating onions can be.  Notice, you do not need to blanch or pre-treat onions in any way – just chop and dry.

[youtube width=300 height=200]eXbFJ7Qpvh4[/youtube]

Here are some more details:

Slice onions 5 mm or 1/4 inch thick.  The exact thickness is not nearly as important as keeping the slices a consistent size to ensure they dry evenly.  I chose to cut onion slices because that’s the most common way I use onions in recipes.  And when I need smaller pieces in something, dried onions are super easy to break down into smaller bits.  In fact, I even grind them into onion powder when needed.  I also find that when drying herbs and veggies, bigger pieces preserve more of the flavour – it’s better to grind things smaller as you need them.

Place on drying screens.  Spread out in a single layer, but don’t fuss too much, it’s okay if they overlap.How to dehydrate onions in a dehydrator

Dry at 68° Celsius or 155°F for 8 to 10 hours.

My 9 tray Excalibur dehydrator took about 25 onions (3 kg or 6 lbs).

When my dehydrator is fully loaded like this, I rotate the trays half way through to ensure even drying.

You’ll know they’re done when they feel and sound crunchy, like in this video.

[youtube width=300 height=200]XxTE_KgGLSk[/youtube] 

I ended up with 345 g or 12 oz of dried onions that fit into three jars that will easily keep in the pantry for many months.  No more worrying about rotting or sprouting onions!

dehydrated onions


A final note:  After dehydrating onions in your dehydrator, consider following it with a batch of potatoes or some other savoury food.  A wee bit of onion flavour would go much better with potatoes than apple rings, don’t you think!


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    1. Hi Mimi,
      I’m not sure I would dry onions in my kitchen oven. The odor is quite strong and will get into any soft material – curtains, cushions, clothing, towels, etc. Perhaps if you can open the windows with a fan it might work.

      Good luck,


  1. I never thought about drying onions, I am super excited to try this!!!! I’m loving everything that I am learning from your website. Keep drying!!!

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Thanks for your comment, glad you’re finding the site useful. Just remember, dry the onions outside of your house!

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